Patent Lip Laquer

Non-Sticky 3D Shine, Weightless Saturated Colour, Non-Bleeding

Patent Lip Lacquer is a creamy liquid lacquer that imparts saturated, glossy shine in a weightless, non-sticky, formula that is non-bleeding for hours. It moisturizes the lips immediately while providing 3D shine. This full, covergae, liquid lip formula features an innovative 'Triple Threat' gel system, which includes a unique blend of 3 layered, gel polymers. The first is a high refractive gel that provides a luminous, 3D patent-shine finish. The second, an emollient-based gel with film forming properties, gives the product its lightweight, cushiony feel. And lastly, a volatile-based gel creates a film that works as a sealer that helps prevent the colour from bleeding for hours and helps the colour last for hours.