M·A·C PRO Membership is the industry's leading preferred customer program for the makeup professional (Makeup Artists, Aestheticians, Cosmetologists, Hairstylists, Fashion Stylists, Nail Technicians, Costume Designers, Models, On-Air Talent/Performers, and Photographers). This paid-for membership program offers the makeup professional a direct link to the M·A·C world as well as member-exclusive benefits. Throughout the program you can count on us to provide you with the highest level of service, unique educational experiences and the most comprehensive selection of professional makeup.

How do I become a member?
For information about program eligibility and details about membership benefits please visit M·A·C PRO or email M·A·C PRO Membership.



Product Discount

Present your Membership Card at M·A·C stores and select partnered stores around the world to receive a product discount on M·A·C Products, including Pro Products. International discounts may vary. Whether you’re on a shoot or preparing for the stage, M·A·C PRO helps to keep your kit stocked with the must-have shades, formulas and tools for any industry.

Pro Only Events

Master Classes: Integral to the philosophy of the M·A·C culture, inspirational Master Classes foster the growth of the artist community. Refine and build skills. Meet face-to-face with celebrated inudstry pro’s. Watch makeup demonstrations to gain insights into application and technique-theory.

Pro to Pro:

Dialogue with M·A·C PRO Senior Artists in an atmosphere both informative and informal. Enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, mingle with makeup artists, hair stylists, and connect with agents, models and performers that make your community tick. The ultimate networking occasion for members to get the buzz and share ideas.

Industry Privileges

M·A·C PRO Membership affords you special pro-only privileges. Special offers and discounts on subscriptions, classes and more.

M·A·C Pro Online

Stay informed with everything that’s new and now! Log into M·A·C PRO to enjoy all of your online benefits including: Pro only event schedules, Trend reports, Member Voice community and networking, Online Membership Renewal, Artist Tips and Articles, Email An Artist, and the best in Pro Product information. Visit M·A·C PRO to learn more about the benefits of membership.



Whether you’re interested in becoming a M·A·C PRO Member or you’re a Member and you still have a few unanswered questions, here are some of those answers for you. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. Still have more questions? Contact Us.

1 Where can I use my discount?

M·A·C PRO, M·A·C PRO Student and M·A·C PRO Preferred members can redeem their discount in select partnered stores, at any freestanding M·A·C Store or M·A·C PRO Store around the world. Discounts may vary from country to country.Members in Singapore can use the discount benefit at M·A·C PRO Stores across the globe.To locate a store location that accepts the M·A·C PRO discount closest to you please click here.

2 How do I become a member, what discount will I get and am I eligible for the program?

To apply for the M·A·C PRO Membership in Singapore, contact your local M·A·C Store for further information on the program and eligibility requirements in your country. To determine if there is a store near you, click here.

3I want to train as a M·A·C makeup artist. Can you recommend a place where I can train? Is there a course run by M·A·C?

At this time, M·A·C does not offer Make Up artistry certification and does not operate a school or offer courses.

4Does being a part of M·A·C PRO help me qualify for a position to work at a M·A·C store or counter?

Thank you for your interest in M·A·C PRO. We are always in search of bright, energetic individuals to represent us. While M·A·C does offer advanced classes for professional artists in select cities in North America, we do not have anything of this sort for aspiring artists just starting out. Membership in M·A·C PRO is not qualification for a position at a M·A·C store or counter. For a Makeup Artist position within a Department or Specialty store that carries M·A·C PRO, please inquire with the Human Resources Director of the store and indicate your preference to work at the M·A·C counter. For a Makeup Artist position in a M·A·C store, please inquire with the Store Manager directly. To find address and phone number information for the counters in your area, go to Find Stores.

5I want to sell M·A·C products. What should I do?

While we appreciate your interest in selling M·A·C products, our products are distributed for sale only at our authorized retail store accounts, the majority of which are located in major department stores or international perfumeries. While there are other points of sale, we are not seeking to expand our distribution network at this time and we do not offer franchises.

6How long does it take for an application to be processed and how long would it take to be notified if I was approved or not?

If you submitted your application in-store please allow for 1-3 weeks before your membership is processed. If you sent your application directly to us, please allow 1 week before your membership is processed. Upon your application's arrival, your membership will be reviewed that day. If your membership is approved, please allow another 1-2 weeks for the delivery of your card. If your membership is declined, we will promptly send you a letter with an explanation. Please remember that your card will be sent to the address that you submitted in your application. If you have recently changed address and need a replacement card or wish to speak with a representative, please contact our processing department directly at info@maccosmetics.com.sg

7I am a M·A·C Pro Student member who has graduated. How can I obtain a Pro membership?

Congratulations on graduating. If you are now working in the industry, we invite you to join our M·A·C PRO Membership program and receive even more benefits. Please visit our How To Apply page for details and to obtain an application.

8How do I apply for the Pro Student program?

The M·A·C PRO Student program is open to individuals enrolled in a school or institution of Makeup Artistry, Cosmetology, Hairstyling, Aesthetics, Photography, Fashion Styling or the Performing Arts that is on our list of eligible schools. For full details on the Pro Student Program, Eligible Schools and how to apply, click here.

9How do I change my address and contact information?

Please log in and go to the MY ACCOUNT section, you can change your address, contact information and email. If you are having difficulty changing your address please email macprotech@macpro.com. If you changed your name and require a new card please email your request to info@maccosmetics.com.sg

10What do I do if I have lost my card?

If you require a new card please email your request to info@maccosmetics.com.sg